Window Trends For 2019

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At Oakville Windows & Doors, it’s our goal to help our customers choose the best windows and doors for their homes. And as a new year approaches, we want to make sure all of our customers are up-to-date with the latest trends on the horizon! Here’s what we’re anticipating for window trends in 2019:

1. Black finishes

More and more homeowners are leaning toward a more modern look for their homes, and with this comes the trend for black finishes. Black finishes, on both the interior and exterior of the windows, adds a contemporary look and a bold statement to your home, especially when paired with a white trim.

2. Clean lines & lots of glass

As we move toward more modern and contemporary looks for windows, homeowners are opting for windows and doors with clean lines and lots of glass. Aluminum and steel-framed windows with defined edges and crisp lines will be big next year. As well, with larger windows becoming more accessible to buyers, we’re seeing a focus on lots of glass, making it easier to combine outdoor and indoor living.

3. Energy efficiency

Energy efficient windows used to be an added bonus, but these days, they’re non-negotiable for homeowners. Many people are looking for the Energy Star rating on their windows and won’t buy anything less, as they seek to make their homes more energy efficient and save a few dollars on their utility bills.

4. Goodbye to arches

Rounded arches and curved windows are becoming less and less popular. While they’re not going away completely, we’re seeing a shift from windows with arched tops to a more rectilinear shape as homeowners look for ways to bring a more modern look to their homes.

With so many options for windows, it can be difficult to choose the right windows for your home. Contact the team at Oakville Windows & Doors to find out how we can help!

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