Window Installations: Retrofit vs. Brick-To-Brick

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At Oakville Windows & Doors, it’s important to us that you understand the window installation process so you can make informed decisions. Some homeowners may not realize that there are two types of window installations, and it’s essential to choose the right one. Always be sure to ask your window salesperson what type of installation you are being quoted for.

Retrofit Window Installations

Retrofit installations are common for homeowners who want to save a bit of money in the short-term. A retrofit installation involves installing a new smaller window into the existing frame of your current window. The original window frame stays intact as well as your interior casing trim, which means adding new insulation around the window is not an option.

Retrofit installations can be a bit of a gamble. They do not allow for any additional insulation, which means that your new windows may not be any more energy efficient than they were before. Often, retrofit installations require adding thick aluminum capping on the exterior to cover the existing frame, often people find this an unattractive installation technique which does not always add to the curb appeal of your home.

Brick-To-Brick Window Installations

Brick-to-brick installations are full, complete window installations that involve removing the frame, casing, jams and trim from the existing windows. Think of it as a fresh start for your windows.

Brick-to-brick installations are the best type of installation you can have for your windows. By replacing the entire window and all of its features, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest-quality window possible. The window can be leveled properly, and foam insulated to guarantee a perfect seal and the most energy efficient window possible.

If you’re looking for a window installation for your home, get a free quote from Oakville Windows & Doors.

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