How To Tell If You Need To Replace Your Windows

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It can be difficult to tell when your windows need to be repaired and when they need to be replaced. Watch for these signs to determine whether it’s time to replace your windows:

1. You notice drafts and leaks

The most noticeable sign that your windows need to be replaced is that your home begins to feel drafty and you notice leaks coming from your windows. This is especially obvious on a cold, windy day, but you may notice it in your heating and cooling bills as well. Purchasing energy efficient windows can help to lower your utility bills and make your home feel more comfortable.

2. Your windows are old

Generally, windows that are between 20 and 30 years old should be replaced. Windows that are this old may only have a single pane of glass, which makes them less energy efficient for your home. Older windows may also be lacking in glazing, which helps to keep UV rays out of your home. Consider replacing your windows to get the energy efficient benefits of double pane glass.

3. Your windows won’t open

One of the most important features of a window is that it opens! If your windows have lost that ability, then it’s time to replace them. Whether they have become stuck due to paint or the handles have become locked in place, it may be time to replace your windows.

4. You can hear lots of outdoor noise

Most windows aren’t sound-proof, but if you can hear outside noise relatively clearly when your windows are closed, you may want to consider new windows. New windows come with a Sound Transmission Class rating (STC); the higher the rating, the less noise you’ll hear from outside. If you live near a busy street, school, train tracks or even near a noisy neighbour, replacing your windows could help you get more peace and quiet inside.

5. Your windows are damaged

Window damage can sometimes be repaired, but extensive damage to your windows is a good reason to get replacements. Look for signs like chipping or damage to the glass, water stains around the window, warped or broken frames or cracked glass. Damaged windows can be ugly to look at and can make your home significantly less energy efficient.

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