Door Hardware: Levers Vs. Door Knobs

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When it comes to choosing doors for your home, many homeowners focus on aesthetic features and materials. While those are important considerations, choosing your hardware is also essential.

While door knobs have been a popular option for decades, we encourage our customers to purchase levers as we expect changes to building code to be rolled out across the country. Recently, British Columbia has begun to ban door knobs from residences and we expect to see more of these bans throughout the country and in Ontario. Here’s why you should consider levers for your doors:

1. Door knobs will no longer be to code

Building codes have started to change throughout Canada to exclude door knobs. While door knobs are still available on the market, and are a popular option with homeowners because they look nice, if you purchase door knobs for your new doors you may end up having to replace them when new building codes arrive in Ontario.

2. Levers are safer

Why are door knobs being phased out across the country? The main issue is safety. Elderly people, children, or those with mobility issues, may have a more difficult time opening a door knob, which is especially dangerous in the event of a fire or other emergency situation. Levers, on the other hand, are easier for anyone to open.

3. Levers are more ergonomically-friendly

It’s not just the elderly and young children that can benefit from a lever. Levers are more ergonomically-friendly for all users because they don’t require a tight grasp or a twisting motion of the wrist. Levers can be opened by using even a slight downward pressure, and they’re easier to open if you have your hands full, making them a great choice for busy parents as well.

4. Levers offer a modern look

Levers work well with any style and, unlike door knobs, they come in a range of modern styles. While door knobs may be a nice choice for classic styles, they can look out of place for other styles of homes. If you are looking for a modern upgrade, levers are an ideal choice.

The team at Oakville Windows & Doors is here to help if you have any questions about door hardware and how they may be impacted by building codes, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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